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Simple Pricing

At CashMe, we believe in transparency and simplicity when it comes to pricing. We’ve designed our platform to be straightforward and cost-effective for our users. Unlike many other online marketplaces, CashMe doesn’t charge any buyers, sellers, or exchange fees. We’re here to connect buyers and sellers without taking a percentage of your hard-earned money.

Pay Per Listings

Simple Listings (Pay Per Listing): For each individual ad listing, we charge a fixed fee.

  • $5 for a 30-Day Listing: Your ad will be visible to our community for 30 days.
  • $10 for a 30-Day Featured Listing: Increase your ad’s visibility with our Featured Listing option, displayed prominently for 30 days.

Subscriptions vs. Non-Subscription Purchases

At CashMe, we offer two convenient ways to purchase ad listings: Subscriptions and Non-Subscription (individual ad purchases).

Non-Subscription Ad Purchases

  • Individual Ad Purchases: Buy ad listings one at a time. These listings don’t have an expiration date, providing flexibility for occasional users. However, they don’t include the premium perks of subscriptions.
  • Bulk Ad Packages: Purchase multiple ad listings in advance without a subscription. These listings are available to use at your convenience and don’t expire. They are simple listings, ideal for users who prefer a pay-as-you-go approach.

Non-Subscription Ad Listings and Packages can be purchased using the Buy an Ad Listing button in your account settings. Once purchased you can view and manage them with the My Listing Packages button.

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  • Subscriptions are designed for regular users who want additional perks and cost savings. With a subscription, you receive a fixed number of ad listings each month, all for a single monthly fee.
  • Subscription ads include premium features like bump-ups to boost your ad’s visibility, making them an excellent choice for users looking for extra exposure.

Why Choose Subscriptions

Subscriptions offer several advantages:

    • Lower Per-Ad Cost: Subscribers enjoy a reduced cost per ad compared to non-subscription ad purchases.
    • Consistent Visibility: Bump-up perks ensure your ads stay visible and competitive.
    • Budget-Friendly: Monthly subscriptions simplify your budgeting and provide predictability in your advertising costs.

Subscriptions can be purchased and managed in your account settings. You can add a subscription by clicking the black button next to "Your Current Subscription". Your can then change your plan using the change plan link below.

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Flexibility and Choice

CashMe offers both subscription and non-subscription options to cater to your unique needs. Whether you’re an occasional user or a regular trader, you can select the pricing model that suits you best.

Note: Non-subscription ad packages, individual ads, and bump-up options are available alongside subscription plans, providing maximum flexibility for all CashMe users.

Choose the pricing plan that aligns with your trading frequency and objectives. At CashMe, we’re committed to providing value, choice, and transparency in our pricing structure. Join us today and start trading smarter on CashMe!

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